ABRF Protein Sequencing Committee

On March 2-5, 2013 the Association of Biomedical Resource Facilities (ABRF) held its annual conference in Palm Springs, CA. ABRF is an educational organization that supports analytical laboratories conducting biomedical research throughout the world. One important aspect of their work is designing benchmark studies and providing technical assessments for many different technologies used in biomedical research. At the meeting they announced my appointment as a member of the 2013-2015 ABRF Protein Sequencing Group (PSG).  Results from these benchmarking studies help core facilities such as Launch MI Lab stay current with advancing technologies. The current focus of PSG is to evaluate the use of mass spectrometry to determine the amino terminal sequence of proteins due to the growing popularity of mass spectrometry in biology and chemistry labs globally. I look forward to joining a team of dedicated lab professionals whose interests are to help others become more efficient in solving today’s life science challenges. If you would like to hear more about my specific tasks related to this committee or mass spectrometry related activities in Launch MI Lab please feel free to call or email me directly.

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