Dream a new dream

To paraphrase a well — known saying, you’re never too old — or too young — to set another goal or dream a new dream.

Take David Sellers. He’s a doctoral student in chemistry at Western Michigan University. A few months ago, he became only the second WMU student ever, and the first in the Chemistry Department, to receive a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

David is studying synthetic organic and supramolecular chemistry. His research focuses on building molecules that detect nerve gas agents. His work might be used someday to help emergency responders dealing with a terrorist attack or chemical warfare, or it could create catalysts for certain organic reactions. It’s heady stuff, especially for a young married man with a toddler!

That kind of commitment and vision is what drove creation of Launch MI Lab. It’s about dreaming what’s possible, taking the plunge — and having the resources to make it happen.


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